My Circle of Life

Hakuna Matata
I Wanna Be Like You
You've Got a Friend in Me
When You're The Best of Friends
Look At This Stuff! Isn't It Neat?
Topsy Turvy
I Love To Laugh
Ev'rybody Has a Laughin' Place
Whistle While You Work
Part Of Your World
Scales and Arpeggios
Pink Elephants
Be Our Guest!


Once upon a time, there was a strange little man.  Not only was he obsessed with Disney, but he was obviously a narcissist.
So he created a website all about himself.



You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination.   That signpost up ahead - your next stop, Tim's Twilight Zone.


You were warned!


On the following webpages, you will find different aspects of my life.  I think you'll get a feel for what's important to me.
You can use the navigation pane to your left-hand side of the pages (no, your other left).  Or, find out a little bit about each page below and simply click on the picture to go there. 
And if you're here to find answers to my Facebook quiz, you'll have to dig around a bit!


Pumbaa said home is where your rump rests. They also say home is where you hang your hat.  Whenever I'm home, I drag my parents to Disneyland, and here they are being good sports.  Hakuna Matata!


Monkey see, monkey do.  Monkey wants to be like you!  Click on Stitch to see more about people that make me go ape.


Most people know that Mickey's my pal.  Click on us to see some more of mine. (Notice how I didn't say real pals, because Mickey is real in my world!)


Picard has a Number One.  Click on him to see some people who've earned my loyalty.


Just before going to see the Broadway version of The Lion King for the fourth time, I had to pose with one of my favorite Walt Disney Classics Collection piece. Click on the picture to see more shiny objects that catch my attention.


It's takes a lot of work to work with me.  Ask Sue and Dawn. Click on them to see what my boss always says to me: "You'd better work!"


Gee, I'm a dancing fool.  Click on the picture to see a Festival of Fools.


Buzz! You're goosing me! Click on Buzz to find your Laughing Place.


Oops! Caught with my hand in the cookie jar! Or rather, the fridge. If that makes you laugh, click on the picture for other things that will make you laugh.


You know it's a small world, afterall, so click on the picture to see other things that are part of my world.


Is Garry smiling?  Are you seeing things?  I know you see things when you have too much to drink.  Click on the picture to read about what happens when you drink too much.


Disneyland has been welcoming Guests for over 50 years.  Be my guest to click on my picture.

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Management? Who the heck is Management? This is my stinkin' website! (Made you look!)